A safe place for all.

Creating a safe community of car renters and owners comes down to a few simple steps.

Do these

Don’t do these

Building a trusted community

We strive to create a community you can feel safe in. At Rentecarlo our number one goal is the safety of our renters and our owners. It is a commitment we feel is vital not only to the improvement of our service but in creating a happy place for everyone. How do we do this? With a simple set of guidelines that are pretty easy to follow. Check them out below.

Category renters Profile Picture Guidelines

Profile pictures help to build trust between members of the Rentecarlo community and also helps you to recognise the owner renter at the start of the rental!

Please make sure your profile picture meets the following guidelines:

  • Shows your face clearly (not inanimate objects!)
  • So obscene words or gestures
  • No explicit or sexual images
  • No violent images or objects

Category sharing Sharing Your Information

To ensure that Rentecarlo remains a safe and secure environment, we request that you do not share your personal details during conversations with other Rentecarlo users and before a rental is confirmed. This includes:

  • Phone number
  • Full name
  • Email address
  • Driving licence information
  • Payment details

All payments are processed securely through Rentecarlo. When the booking is confirmed we will share your mobile number and full name with the owner/renter and the owner will be provided with the last 4 digits of the renter’s driving licence number to aid with verifying identity.

Asking another user to share these details is a breach of our community guidelines and may result in your account being suspended or terminated immediately.

Category community Community Standards

Here at Rentecarlo we want to ensure that everyone has a great rental experience and enjoys being a part of our community. This means that rude or threatening behaviour will not be tolerated and we ask that you are polite and friendly when interacting with one another. Please let us know at any time if you feel a member of the Rentecarlo community behaves inappropriately towards you.

The following behaviour will not be tolerated on Rentecarlo, and will lead to immediate account suspension:

  • Bullying or harassing other members
  • Discriminatory behaviour or hate speech
  • Messages of a threatening or sexual nature
  • Misrepresentation
  • Inappropriate profile pictures

We’re really proud of the wonderful car sharing community we have built and appreciate your help in keeping it a safe and friendly place.

Category vetted Vetted Members

We verify the identity of all owners and renters before they are allowed to list their car or make a request. We also check that all renters meet the strict driving record and insurance claim history set by our insurance partner, Admiral. You can read more about how we verify our members in our terms and conditions.

Category stay safe Staying Safe

Here at Rentecarlo we care about the safety of all of our users. All renters are pre-verified before they can make a request and owners before they can list their car. Please remember to follow these guidelines to help you stay safe and have a great rental experience:

  • Check that the renter/owner has uploaded a photograph of themselves so you know who you’re meeting
  • Arrange to meet in a well lit, public space
  • Communicate through Rentecarlo and flag inappropriate messages
  • Contact Rentecarlo if you have any questions or worries during the rental

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